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2019-08 – Supervision of 3 wind farms

Eole Constructing is supervising and coordinating the construction phase of 3 windfarms located in the Somme department (80), for EUROWATT company. These 3 windfarms contains 15 windturbines for a total power installed equal to 37.4 MW. Started in April 2019, our challenge is to put in operation for end of this year.

2018-11 – Eole Constructing supporting ADEME

Eole Constructing participate the 29th of November 2018 at the Renewables Jobs Day, supporting ADEME by communicating on his expertise : construction and Repowering of windfarms.

2018-10 – 9th national wind exhibition

Eole Constructing is participating at the 9th national wind exhibition, located at Parc Floral of PARIS.

2018-02 – Crisalide eco-activities 2018, 10th edition

Eole Constructing is developing some methods and process to dismantle the windturbines ,adapted to the existing constrains.

Eole Constructing is working in Wallonie

Eole Constructing has been selected by SENVION to supervise the construction of foundations, that will support the wind turbines of the windfarm “Nivelles”.

2017-04 – Crisalide eco-activities 2017, 9th edition

Eole Construting takes part in this 9th event where is presented its process to dismantle the old wind turbines.


Eole Constructing is developping a unique process and associated tools to dismantle quickly the wind turbines at low cost, while optimising the planning and the recycling of components.



EOLE Constructing is growing !

In March 2019, PIERRICK LIENARD joined the EOLE CONSTRUCTING team, as a partner and technical director.