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2022-11 – November, a month of concrete!

During the month of november, Eole Constructing’s teams supervised the pouring of more than 5,000 m3 of concrete for the construction of the wind turbine concrete foundations.


Now it’s time for the backfilling and finishing work before the delivery and installation of the wind turbines early next year.

2022-10 – Commissioning of 3 new wind farms.

In October, Eole Constructing saw the culmination of several months of work with our clients with the commissioning of three new wind farms with a total installed capacity of 48 MW.


In parallel, the construction of three new wind farms has begun and repowering is continuing.

2022-04 – EOLE CONSTRUCTING is repowering 3 windfarms.

EOLE CONSTRUCTING is repowering three windfarms, dismantling some windturbines Vestas V47, Nordex N90, et Enercon E66.


Each repowering requires customization and contributes to increase our experience and know how : we have to imagine new organization and schedule plannings, to use new cost saving possibilities, and to discover the new players of the international market for second-hand windturbines.

2021-12 – EOLE CONSTRUCTING ended the year with a strong activity!

EOLE CONSTRUCTING ended the year with a strong activity to ensure the schedule planning : Thursday the 9th, four foundations have been poured on our different sites under construction. It is 2500 m3 in more for Louis, Cécile, Jean Marc and Philippe!

2021-10 – Cécile FLAUX joins EOLE CONSTRUCTING

EOLE CONSTRUCTING is strengthening its operational and management team, on integrating Cécile FLAUX, that brings her expertise on civil engineering and experience on big projects management : welcome Cécile in the renewable energies world!

2021-09 – 11th wind national exhibition

The EOLE CONSTRUCTING team will attend to the 11th wind national exhibition located at “Parc Floral of Paris”, the 13rd of October: come and meet with us to share our last experiences and a moment of conviviality!

2021-06 – Spring and windturbines

Due to the nesting period, the construction phase of windfarms start frequently in September, therefore the windturbines bloom during the spring, like flowers in our rural areas.


EOLE CONSTRUCTING put in operation two new windfarms, located in Brittany and Nouvelle Aquitaine, for a total power installed equal to 20MW with 8 windturbines VESTAS.

2021-05 – Road accesses solutions for exceptional convoys

The big size of actual wind turbines and essentially the length of blades, create a real problem to access to their locations on sites : today the road accesses become the ultimate condition for the windfarms projects to authorize the launching of their construction.


Since 2020, EOLE CONSTRUCTING has been working on bringing realistic solutions, using its technical approach, to find and create some new access roads, and negotiate all public and private authorizations with a permitting approach.


For the last windfarm under construction located in the department of Creuse (23), it is about 5 km of access roads that have been studied, negotiated, and finally built with no margin at all : that was the unique way of work to reach the feasibility of the construction for this windfarm containing 4 VESTAS V100.

2021-04 – EOLE CONSTRUCTING expansion : arrival of Jean Marc Bisson at NIORT

Jean Marc is coming from the BTP industry, principally from VINCI/EUROVIA, and will utilize his expertise for developing the Renewable Energy: motivating challenge!


Welcome Jean Marc in our passionate team!

2020-09 – Brittany repowering anticipation

Eole Constructing enters in the final phase of its study on the structure of the Brittany industrial chain, to recycle the wind turbines that will be dismantled in the next years.


With the support of Creativ (Rennes CCI) and ADEME, Eole Constructing anticipates the recycling of wind turbines, searching to optimize their recoverability, in order to reduce consequently the CAPEX costs of dismantling.

2020-09 – New headquarter at Le Rheu, west of Rennes

Eole Constructing is growing up and install his new headquarter at 35 650 Le Rheu – 11 rue des orchidées, west of Rennes.


Hoping to organize an open day as soon as sanitary situation will be safe.

2020-03 – EDF SEI has selected EOLE CONSTRUCTING for his project on “ïle de Sein”

EDF SEI has selected EOLE CONSTRUCTING as technical and engineering support to install a windturbine on “île de SEIN”, the first one in order to achieve the island’s energy sel-sufficiency with 60% as part of renewable energy. This windturbine is expected to be put in operation in year 2021.

2019-12 – ENERGAÏA the 11th of December 2019

EOLE CONSTRUCTING will be present at ENERGAÏA the 11th of December, join us to share this last event of the year 2019 at Montpellier!

2019-11 – The foundations of a wind turbine

At early morning EOLE CONSTRUCTING is in the midst of a pad during the casting of a windturbine’s foundation : the rate of concrete pumping is 80M3 per hour, what an atmosphere and what an intensive traffic of concrete mixers!

2019-10 – Business Development of Eole Constructing in the west of France

Eole Constructing’s activity is growing in the west of France, with the start of construction of three new windfarms: 12 windturbines will be erected, with a total power installed equal to 30 MW.

2019-08 – Supervision of 3 wind farms

Eole Constructing is supervising and coordinating the construction phase of 3 windfarms located in the Somme department (80), for EUROWATT company. These 3 windfarms contains 15 windturbines for a total power installed equal to 37.4 MW. Started in April 2019, our challenge is to put in operation for end of this year.

2018-11 – Eole Constructing supporting ADEME

Eole Constructing participate the 29th of November 2018 at the Renewables Jobs Day, supporting ADEME by communicating on his expertise : construction and Repowering of windfarms.

2018-10 – 9th national wind exhibition

Eole Constructing is participating at the 9th national wind exhibition, located at Parc Floral of PARIS.

2018-02 – Crisalide eco-activities 2018, 10th edition

Eole Constructing is developing some methods and process to dismantle the windturbines ,adapted to the existing constrains.

Eole Constructing is working in Wallonie

Eole Constructing has been selected by SENVION to supervise the construction of foundations, that will support the wind turbines of the windfarm “Nivelles”.

2017-04 – Crisalide eco-activities 2017, 9th edition

Eole Construting takes part in this 9th event where is presented its process to dismantle the old wind turbines.


Eole Constructing is developping a unique process and associated tools to dismantle quickly the wind turbines at low cost, while optimising the planning and the recycling of components.



Repowering of 3 windfarms.

EOLE CONSTRUCTING is repowering three windfarms, dismantling some windturbines Vestas V47, Nordex N90, et Enercon E66.